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Robotoic coffee machine arm

How it Works

Coffee like you’ve never seen it. The Robo Café streamlines the order delivery process with an intuitive Dual LCD interface.  

Using sophisticated technology from Eversys Cameo, RC Coffee produces nothing but the finest coffee. Unlike other solutions on the market, our kiosk doesn’t take shortcuts. It grinds fresh ingredients and effectively pours a quality brew in under two minutes. The Eversys Cameo is a traditional coffee machine with a knack for delivering a sensational coffee product that will leave you craving your next brew. Come try it for yourself and taste the difference.

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KioCafé is powered by KioSoft, a leading technology company that provides integration for anything unattended, including coffee! By leveraging sophisticated technologies, the self-serve and fully automated robotic café solutions can be set up anywhere. Our robots craft consistent, delicious beverages. It’s the future of cafes, made possible by tech!

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Our Process

Canada's First Robotic Café offers coffee lovers a seamless way to order coffee and other drinks.
You can order through RC Coffee’s Mobile app or our Kiosk Order Screen.

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Step 1: Order

Ordering a coffee has never been easier. You can request custom coffee ahead of time through our app or grab-and-go at the machine. The Robo Café has everything you need, from espresso-based drinks to cold brew and iced matcha drinks!

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Step 2: Pay

After selecting one of our specialty beverages, users can pay effortlessly through the automated payment system. Payments can be processed through the app, or directly on the machine with credit, debit, or mobile wallet.

Step 3: Wait

Once the payment is processed, the robotic system will begin to craft your specialized beverage. Our sophisticated technology delivers a delicious, consistent product in under two minutes. You can sit back and relax or watch the robot through the viewing window.

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Step 4: Enjoy!

You’re all set! The robot will deliver your finished drink through the window at the bottom of the Robo Café. Then it’s time to enjoy your day with a delicious coffee in hand.