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RC Coffee partners with the finest local Toronto coffee roasters to bring you the best-tasting coffee. We understand that the quality of coffee that the RC Coffee Robot Barista produces is dependent on having premium coffee beans and ingredients from trusted sources. We are proud to work with great brands and build strong relationships.

Known for their delicious, high-quality  coffee, RC Coffee is proud to serve Propeller coffee in our Robo Café locations across the city. With the highest quality and sustainable coffee from the beloved Propeller at our kiosks, we provide city dwellers with access to rich, flavorful espresso. The perfect cup is within your (and the robot’s) reach.

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The Nitro Cold Brew at our Toronto General Hospital location was launched with Coffee by La Colombe, another leading coffee roaster. They’re known as pioneers of third-wave coffee, providing single-origin coffee to a variety of restaurants and retailers. Grab a cup of their signature classic blend today!

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When it comes to delicious coffee, our robot baristas surprise and delight. Part of what makes a cup of coffee so enjoyable is the care that is put into the roast process. Detour Coffee beans are roasted in small batches with their Loring Coffee Roaster, which uses convection heat to consistently create a balanced roast profile. RC coffee is proud to serve Detour Coffee at locations across Toronto.

At RC coffee, we love the latest technology (think Robots!). That's why we're leveraging the power of the Eversys Cameo, the world’s most advanced super-automatic espresso machine. With the help of this technology, RC Coffee produces nothing but the finest quality coffee. The Eversys Cameo machine replicates the human process and delivers a sensational espresso that would impress any coffee aficionado.

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