Contactless Robo Café| Self Serve Espresso Bar

Coffee for a New Normal

The world has recently changed dramatically, and the barista to customer interaction is somewhat risky despite people’s best efforts to maintain a safe environment. Furthermore, the days of lounging in the café comfortably as your home away from home are on hold indefinitely.

RC Coffee is the ideal answer for the new reality. You can find one of our Robo Cafés at a major intersection near you and order via the LCD interface. If you’d rather not touch the screen, that’s ok – you can download our App and order through your phone for a completely Contactless experience.

Using the mobile app, you can schedule the exact time you want to pickup your order. Upon arrival at the Kiosk, simply scan your QR code and your coffee will emerge instantaneously. For quick payment, we also offer an innovative contactless only payment terminal – no chip / pin / swipe / coin. Just tap with your contactless debit / credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

While our Kiosk is Unattended, we do expect and urge customers to lineup in accordance with social distancing protocols, and kindly wear masks if it’s busy.

Serving across Toronto, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area.
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