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Dual LCD Kiosk System

The Robo Café streamlines the order placement and delivery process with an intuitive Dual LCD interface. It’s quite simple:

Powered by Eversys, Proudly Served by RC Coffee

Technology meets tradition. Leveraging the power of the Eversys Cameo – the world’s most advanced super-automatic espresso machine – RC Coffee produces nothing but the finest caliber cups with no compromise in quality.  Unlike other solutions in the market, our kiosk doesn’t take any shortcuts. It does the grinding, uses fresh ingredients and effectively performs all of the functions of a real barista in under 2 minutes. It’s like a tiny barista is actually operating inside the machine!

The Eversys Cameo is renowned for proving the skeptical coffee purists wrong… by demonstrating that a machine CAN in fact replicate a barista’s process and deliver a sensational coffee product that rivals any expert’s brew. We welcome you to come try for yourself and taste the difference.

Serving across Toronto, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area.
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