Unattended Coffee Kiosk | Coffee Vending Machine | Robot Coffee Barista

Light Years Ahead Of The Typical Coffee Vending Machine

Unattended Coffee Kiosk | Coffee Vending Machine | Robot Coffee Barista

Stunningly Savoury Specialty Coffees. No Human Barista Required

RC Coffee provides the real authentic espresso experience that you’re accustomed to receiving from a premium café, in a convenient and modernized service like you’ve never experienced before.

Welcome to a new era of coffee automation that exceeds expectations… Meet the next generation RC Barista unattended coffee kiosk!

With our ground-breaking robotic delivery, the RC Barista serves premium grade specialty coffees with unparalleled precision by performing all of the functions of a human barista, without the tattoos.

How Does it Work?

  1. Walk-up and Enter Your Order at the Kiosk / Place your order via the Mobile App and arrange contactless Pick-Up
  2. Use your preferred contactless payment method
  3. Pick-up and Enjoy!

Don’t believe it? See the RC Barista in action at the Video below: (Video coming soon)

Coffee Automat

Self Serve Coffee. But the Real Thing

RC Coffee saw a major void in the market for high quality unattended coffee kiosks. The company looks to change the perception of self-serve coffee through its sophisticated technology that meets true barista and coffee aficionado standards. No more drip, no more pods. RC Coffee taps into the potential of the latest Eversys Cameo espresso machine technology to rival the coffee output of any café, by robotically performing all the tasks of a human barista.

More than Coffee. A Personalized Service

RC Coffee understands that it’s more than just the coffee that keeps people coming back. It’s the speed of service, ease-of-ordering, and accuracy. Our mobile app makes it easy to find your near RC Coffee kiosk, remotely view the menu, load an account via credit card, and place an order for pick-up at a specific time. For subsequent orders, you can simply load your previous order or select from saved favourites. RC Coffee remembers its users, and never calls in sick. Customers can grab their customized blends literally at the touch of a button.

Serving across Toronto, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area.

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