Rise of the Unattended Robotic Café

Dubbed as “the most futuristic way to sip” (Narcity Canda), our Robo Café has made headlines across Canadian and International media for its innovation, style, and most importantly amazing quality coffee. In fact, our robot has shifted the perception of unattended coffee from the traditionally terrible “vending” variety to a new breed of Robot Café that is deliciously predictable. We also make the customer experience seamless, offering a contactless interface where users simply place their order via the RC COFFEE app, scan their QR code at the machine, and the robot barista begins carefully preparing their customized beverage.

               Like any technology, there is always room for improvement – we recently upgraded our single spout espresso machine to a two-spout espresso machine, thereby doubling our productivity. We have also replaced an “XY” train track-like grid delivery system to a cutting-edge robo arm for utmost precision and speed. Consumers can now have their beverage in hand much faster, without comprising quality. We continue to invest heavily in R&D to constantly improve our Robo Café’s capabilities, while improving functionality for customers.

In addition to being the futuristic way to sip, we are also the safest way! Our Robo Café is the perfect solution for the “new normal” as it is contactless and often outdoors. All fresh ingredients are enclosed within the machine and are not exposed to any risk of potential contamination. We’re genuinely concerned for our customers’ wellbeing and are pleased to provide a convenient extension of the traditional café that is ideal for people on-the-go who may not want (or have time) to enter a traditional human café.

According to The Economist, the ‘fearmongers’ claim of robots replacing jobs are ‘overblown’. Recessions and pandemics accelerate automation, but the truth is: humans are irreplaceable as they are kind, compassionate, and empathetic; something robots never will be. With the direction we’re heading, you’re more likely to work alongside a robot than be replaced by one. At RC Coffee, there are many people hustling behind the scenes to ensure that our Robo Café is running smoothly. Automation creates new opportunities in its essence.

To appreciate our technological progress, it’s interesting for us to look back at the short history of “robots” as we know them today. The definition of “robot” in the 1920s was “forced labour” (Oxford Languages), but at that time, the term was not a reality but a mere figment of the imagination where human beings were made with metal. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the fictional concept of a “robot” came to fruition when Silicon Valley’s SRI International developed “Shakey”. Shakey made its way into history books as “the first mobile robot with the ability to perceive and reason about its surroundings” (SRI International). When Shakey’s full capabilities were realized by the scientific community, though literally quite shakey and awkward, the perception of robots changed. Soon after, a new defintion for “robot” was coined “a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically” (Oxford Languages).

Robots soon began to make their way into the workforce, revolutionizing manufacturing. In the 1980s robots were mostly confined to labs and factories, where they were limited to picking things up and putting them back down again. Honda changed the game when they created a robotics program, where the engineers eventually developed robots who could walk, wave and shake hands. Robotics didn’t stop there “[today,] advanced robots are popping up everywhere. For that you can thank three technologies in particular: sensors, actuators, and AI” ( Robots went from being a far-fetched figment of the imagination to being intelligent machines that can perform complex and dangerous tasks with the utmost precision and speed.

Robotic technology has come a long way from its science-fiction beginnings, and today, our progress on this front is translating into great benefits; including outstanding unattended coffee. Our RC Coffee Robo Café is a perfect manifestation of the latest robotic technological advancements; delivering high quality specialty coffees, such as lattes and cappuccinos, through a sophisticated self serve kiosk. Utilizing our robotic delivery combined with the power of the world’s most super automatic espresso machine, our robot barista replicates the steps of a human barista, from bean grinding, to tamping and even milk frothing. The result is the highest caliber espresso based beverages that rival the most seasoned human barista’s craft.


Automated Contactless Coffee – Self Serve Espresso Future

Amidst an unprecedented pandemic, maintaining social distance from one another, wearing masks, and frequently using hand sanitizer, are all apart of our new normal. Remote work has become prevalent, and the use of delivery services has risen dramatically for commodities that people would generally head to the store for. Almost all industries, especially Food and Beverage, have been turned upside down this past year, challenging businesses to adapt to new safety protocols and find creative and innovative ways to stay afloat. Be it QR code menus, new product offerings, curb side pick up or contactless delivery, many companies have successfully pivoted and adjusted to the “new normal” to weather the storm.

A biproduct of  the pandemic is the increased dependence on technology. The need for distancing has forced people to rely more on machines, devices, software, and automation instead of working face-to-face with individuals. Conducting business online, utilization of mobile apps and getting tasks handled remotely has effectively become a priority to avoid in-person interactions.

Though we’ve experienced a world of change, one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire for quality products and experiences like a delicious cup of coffee. There’s nothing quite like the first few sips of your morning coffee or that mid-day cup that fuels your afternoon. While many consumers have turned to more sophisticated home brewing methods of coffee, there’s still no substitute for the real café quality espresso beverages. In a period where human interaction has become problematic, a new alternative has come to the forefront, offering barista level specialty coffees in a safe automated environment. So if you’re looking for a spectacular cup of joe on-the-go, look no further than RC Coffee!

As it was so eloquently stated in NOW Magazine, “You’re telling me a robot made this coffee?” The answer is Yes! RC Coffee is a new venture that offers premium grade contactless coffees from a robot. To dig a little deeper, RC Coffee is an automated, or robotic, barista, serving espresso-based beverages as well as teas, hot chocolate, and decaf alternatives. Coffees can be ordered through our kiosk touchscreen, QR Scan or through our mobile app. Precisely executing the motions of a human barista, our robo-barista will have your beverage in your hands, ready to drink, in less than 2 minutes. To deliver efficiency and quality, we leverage the power of the world’s most advanced super-automatic espresso machine to produce nothing but the finest cups of coffee with no compromise in quality. Our automated coffee kiosk doesn’t take any shortcuts. It uses fresh ingredients and effectively performs all the functions of a real barista, including grinding, tamping and milk frothing.

Given the contactless functionality, RC Coffee has emerged as the ideal solution for the pandemic we are in for coffee aficionados. With cafes all over the country struggling to stay open, RC Coffee recognized the opportunity to expedite our robotic barista concept to meet the ever-growing demand for contactless services. We now offer the safest way to get a great cup of coffee, as all ingredients are protected inside the machine, with no risk of product contamination.

The switch to touchless and digital services was well underway prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to gain even more momentum going forward. Take “tap” payments for example – “ we once went scrounging through our pockets for exact change and now, we can simply tap our plastic for purchasing our items instantaneously, with a digital record available via mobile banking. Furthermore, we can load our cards on our mobile devices and pay by tapping our phones and voila, no need to carry a wallet.

We understand new technology can be intimidating so to ensure your experience at our Robo Café is simple, quick, and fun, our team has put together a few steps for you to follow. Continue reading to learn how to use the RC Coffee Automat with relative ease and enjoy contactless coffees!

1. Arrive at the RC Coffee Robo Café.

2. Order through the touchscreen interface or download the RC COFFEE app.

3. Select your preferred beverage from the menu.

4. Customize your beverage as per your taste and preference.

5. Enter your name to be displayed on the pickup screen.

6. Submit your order.

7. Pay at the Automat via tap payment method, or pay via the App.

8. Scan your QR code/tap your name to receive your coffee.

Ordering from our Robo Café is that simple! Moreover, it is safe and customizable to your preference.

Though we are proud of our technology, we realize that the world will soon return to visiting a comfortable brick-and-mortar café and enjoying a cappuccino, hand crafted by a skilled barista. However, there is room for both robot cafes and human cafes in the upcoming new world! RC Coffee is simply an extension of the traditional café, for people on-the-go who appreciate the speed and convenience offered by our automated system, without entering a café and lining up .

We welcome you to pop by and indulge in a delicious cup of joe from a robot! Our first location is piloting in Yorkville at 1235 Bay St. but keep an eye out for more locations coming soon throughout Toronto.

Your friends at RC Coffee