Inner Workings Of Our Robo Café

Inner Workings Of Our Robo Café

Technology meets tradition. Leveraging the power of the world’s most advanced super-automatic espresso machine, “ RC Coffee produces nothing but the finest calibre cups with no compromise in quality. Our kiosk does not take any shortcuts. It does the grinding, the tamping, the brewing, the milk frothing – it even executes temperature control.  It effectively performs all the functions of a real barista in under 2 minutes.  At our Robo Cafés, a high-quality experience is our top priority, which is why we’ve carefully selected our roaster partners and technology partners. We’ve paired the authentic espresso experience with an innovative, automated service like you’ve never experienced before.


RC Coffee delivers the finest fully automated coffee experience on the market.  Bringing traditional craftmanship to an automated concept, our technology follows the same processes as a seasoned barista, with a focus on both efficiency and craft. Detailed settings on the machine allow for day-to-day calibration that fine tunes taste and ensures precision with every cup. Through meticulous recipe development by our roaster partners and our cutting-edge technology, we were able to execute our vision of a barista-less café, serving nothing but the finest specialty coffees.

Extra attention is given to the treatment of our coffee as we preserve the quality of the beans by redirecting the heat from the blades during the grinding process. We also use a 24-gram brewing chamber allowing for countless recipe possibilities, perfect for the multiple beverages offered at the Robo Café! Vibrations in the brewing chamber spread the powder evenly before beginning the tamping process – similar to a barista tapping the portafilter but allowing for a better, more consistent extraction.  RC Coffee promises a consistent, delicious coffee every visit and we achieve that by using electronic control that optimizes extraction quality.


On top of the high-quality taste, the Automated Barista also draws on the robotics’ mechanical efficiency and consistency.  Our technology uses an Extraction Time Control (ETC) software to ensure control over the quality of each cup.  Once the flavour profiles are established and recipes are made, the machine accurately replicates the taste by adjusting the grinder and the quantity of powder.  These settings can be recalibrated remotely, allowing us to check in on our Automated Barista and adjust the products to align with our roaster partners’ standards.  The machine’s algorithm learns to optimize and create a consistent, reliable cup.

On top of the precision, the productivity is never compromised as our machine produces market leading quantities of beverages per square centimeter.  Our technology, though only taking up to 80cm of space, can produce over 100 drinks per hour – utilizing maximum efficiency with no compromise in taste. This is perfect for the compact serving space and on-the-go nature of the RC Coffee Robotic Barista.  We pride ourselves on the high quality of our specialty coffees, but we also know that the efficiency of our Automated Barista is what makes our coffee solution so effective. By optimizing our robotic barista to ensure speed, accuracy, and taste, we are confident that our customers will have a unique, enjoyable experience, every time.


As a completely autonomous, unattended coffee kiosk, proper sanitation is of utmost importance which is why our sanitation process is also primarily autonomous. A month’s worth of cleaning tablets can be stored in the machine’s system and dispensed for daily cleaning.  This self-cleaning technology ensures safety as well as the consistent, delicious taste of our beverages.  This function allows us to fully embrace the concept of an unattended kiosk and ensure that our customer’s experience is of café quality.  RC Coffee also goes above and beyond to ensure utmost sanitation, with human servicing and cleaning of the machine multiple times daily.


Think of our Robo Café as your favourite barista, who is always available at the touch of a button.  With our ground-breaking robotic delivery, we are transforming the coffee purchasing experience. We’ve partnered with top roasters and utilized the most elite, cutting-edge technology to produce a reliable, precise, and consistent Automated Robotic Barista.  With RC Coffee, there is no potential for human error. There is no ambiguity. The recurring experience is deliciously predictable.