Authentic Coffee

Unattended Coffee Kiosk | Robot Barista | Automatic Espresso Machine

Convenience. Instant Gratification

RC Coffee is the ideal answer for a new reality. You can find one of our Robo Cafés at a major intersection near you and order through the LCD interface. If you’d rather not touch the screen, that’s ok – you can order through our App for a completely contactless experience.

Customized the Way You Want.

Load your settings and get your specialty coffee exactly how you want. Save your favourite settings, order it again, and enjoy the identical result. Using the mobile app, you can schedule the exact time you want to pick up your order.

Consistency is Key.

Ever notice how your favourite coffee concoction tends to vary in composition and taste based on: what location you are at, who is serving you that day, and frequent turnover of staff? Typical cafés simply can’t overcome the human element of unpredictability. Therefore, your experience as a customer will vary depending on the day, location and the server.

With RC Coffee, there is no potential for human error. There is no ambiguity. The recurring experience is deliciously predictable.

Serving across Toronto, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area.
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